the wedding.

sometimes when i don't photograph weddings, i design/decorate them. 
and then photograph them, of course. 
when my best friend from high school came to me for help with her wedding, i of course couldn't resist. after chatting about colors and ideas, i got even more excited because this is so my style. three months of projects and preparation (and the expertise of my super handy hubby) all came together for the perfect day. the flowers were done by blossom sweet and took the whole thing to the next level. amazing! 
 she was married late afternoon in the draper temple, then had a small-ish gathering of closest friends and family for an incredible dinner and celebration at the cedar hills golf club. it was such an amazing evening and so much fun! you would think something like this would be so stuffy and formal, but it was so not. the company was great, both families are just amazing, and christina and brett... they are so hilarious and perfect together. i can't imagine a better match for her!
so so SO many miracles happened this day and it's no wonder... they are the best couple ever and deserve the absolute best, not only on their wedding day but for many many years to come.

i love these hanging chandeliers husband made

when each guest arrived, they wrote a little message on a chalkboard then got their picture taken, rather than a traditional sign-in book. loved this!

aren't her sisters gorgeous???

appetizers outside

table assignments

gift area

when talking with christina and her mom beforehand, her mom mentioned how she just LOVED cheetah and if it were up to her, she would decorate the whole reception hall in cheetah print. so we compromised a bit and she got her own special napkin. :)

i love them. 

each guest got their own rosemary plant as a parting gift. did you know this is what it represents? what a perfect reminder for any couple!

i am absolutely just as tired as i look! 16 straight hours of setting up and taking down and being at the ceremony and snapping photos... it was exhausting, and the blisters on my feet were the proof. but i loved every minute of it and couldn't be happier for this girl and her new life with her best friend. 
happy wedding day, girlie!