paisley. one year.

so i'm pretty sure this girl and her cute family are going to single-handedly keep me in business! 
pais and i have had a special bond since day one. i think it's more because i protect her from the wrath of my daughter than anything else (the fact that any child reesie comes in contact with can walk away with both eyes intact is a miracle), but she likes me. and i think she's starting to catch on that more often than not i have a big fat camera in front of my face when i see her...  but she still likes me so that's all that matters!

love you, pais!


weeks family.

it was obvious these two are smitten with their new baby girl. 
just the way it should be. 
and for a little 4-month-old, she was incredibly attentive and very focused on me and the camera. 
complete with the cutest little crusty on her face the whole time. 
it was obvious she thought i was a bit weird. 
but i love her anyway.