baby penny.

penny came to me at 2 months old... just 7 weeks older than the babies i'm used to shooting and a bit out of the "ideal" stage. at least that's what we thought going into it--
she cooed, she smiled, she batted her beautiful eyelashes at me, we even had a full-on conversation for a good 2 minutes. so adorable! 
and then she pooped and completely conked out. isn't that how it always goes?? 

she is such a sweet and yummy little one. i love me some chubby babies. 

her blessing dress was made from her mom's wedding dress. i love that!


baby quincee.

it's no wonder why this little babe is so beautiful- her mom is absolutely stunning. 
it's a little (a lot) unfair that women can actually look like her after having a baby. seriously. 
and quincee! i'm in love with everything about her- her name, her sweet disposition, her perfect little girly features... she was a dream to shoot. 

 i'm such a sucker for details... especially on babies. she is so perfect. 

 see? told you she's beautiful. 

 i just couldn't resist these two... i guess i now know exactly how she felt about me! :)


neil boys.

am i allowed to be jealous of little boys' eyes/lashes?? seriously, all three of these little men have the most amazing eyes i have ever seen. not to mention the cutest faces in the world and the funnest personalities. they were so much fun to hang out with. 


yearsley fam.

on the last few shoots i've had, the entire day leading up to the event have been cold and rainy and windy. 
not so ideal for a photo shoot. or my stress level.
when i walked out of my house to meet up with the yearsley's, it was pouring rain. 
the second everyone got there and were ready to go, it was calm and perfect and stayed that way the rest of the evening. 
and then it got nasty the second i walked back into my house. 
nothing short of a miracle, that's for sure. 

this family is amazing. they've been like a second family to us for years and we couldn't love them more.


weaver fam.

can i just tell you how much i love shooting families with one baby? yes, it's easier on my part to reign in the attention of one child, but there's just something about new parents that makes them glow and completely exude love and affection. ...not that parents of multiple kids don't have that... ahem... they just don't know the chaotic aspect of parenthood yet, i guess. everything is still new and fun and relatively easy. nothing else matters in the world but their new little babe. 

not only do these parents have this "glow", but they're already pretty people to begin with. and their baby is a.dor.a.ble. sometimes i forget that babies can be mellow and easy going. it really does happen! 

thanks, marc and toni, for making my job so easy and fun!


heelis fam.

with a family as large as my husband's is, it's nearly impossible for at least two of those families to not live close to each other. lucky for us (maybe not so much for them...), these guys aren't only family, but they live right around the corner. never in my life have i known a more down to earth, hard working, and genuinely nice group of people. ever. the ladies are stunning and are the world's best babysitters, and my son calls all the boys "the cowboy cousins". i LOVE this family!

i'm loving the colors in the mountains right now!!