erin. 6 months. utah child photographer.

this girl can turn on the charm faster than any other baby i've ever known. one second she'll be almost on the verge of tears, and the next second be the absolute happiest thing in the world. 
her little smile is SO infectious! love her!


christmas babes

what was supposed to be a simple christmas photo shoot quickly turned into a huge production with way more people involved than originally planned. why not make the most of this set-up while it was up and ready? brilliant. twinkle lights + fake snow + lots of cute little people is always a good idea. 

let's start with erin...

then paisley...

then my two cute babes...

 i seriously love them. 

and lastly, the reason for all this christmas-y goodness, the ever-so-beautiful howard kids...

hope your holiday was amazing! 

mitch & kelsey. happily married.

{shooting as second photographer for alpine prints}

the morning started out frigid and snowy, but by the time these two stepped out of the temple, newly married and completely head over heels, it was blue skies and giddy smiles the rest of the day.  still beyond freezing, but sunny. i hadn't met these two before this day. right away it was obvious the love these two have for each other and the fun they will no doubt have through the years.  seriously, this girl is a hoot. i couldn't stop laughing at her all morning. 

here are just a few shots from the sidelines...

congrats kelsey & mitch!