brodeface. the big six.

my baby boy is six years old. it's a little hard to believe. a lot hard, actually. it really feels like last week he was in the newborn icu fighting for his life. we've both come a long way since then. 
he has completely changed my life for the better. seriously, this kid is amazing. i wish everyone could have a brody in their family so they could experience the pure joy and happiness this kid exudes every single waking moment of his life. not a second goes wasted and not a person goes untouched by his infectious, quirky personality. 

a few fun facts about my little man at this point in his life:

legos and his dad are his two biggest loves. i like to think i come in a close third, but it's very possible that super heroes may come in before me... 
but he lets me know on a regular basis that i'm the best mom ever so i'm ok with it. 

his favorite foods are edamame, spaghetti and anything chocolate.

he has lost 5 teeth so far. two of them knocked out by fights lost to door jams and school desks, one swallowed with a cookie, and two on their own. i love his toothless little face and it's accompanying lisp. love.

he has a tender, sweet heart. with some serious bits of drama and negotiating. 
i hear at least once a day, "mom, i'll give you 65 hugs if you help me find this lego."

he loves to read and do math and is really really smart. his little brain is a sponge and soaks up every little piece of information he's given. at the same time, he is totally the class clown. he loves entertaining and making people laugh. SO much his father's child in that area!

golf is his favorite sport and he loves going with his dad. he's not a super competitive, contact sports kind of kid. much more analytical and driven to be his best self, regardless of what the other kids love doing. 

this boy is the best big brother and such a truly good-hearted kid. i learn every day how to be a better person because of his example of unconditional love, genuine happiness and desire to always be better than he was the day before. 
love you kiddo. happy sixth!