baby liam. newborn.

there's just something about baby boys that gets me every time.  this little man was the dreamiest ever. and whoever said boys aren't fun to play dress-up with couldn't be more wrong. this guy was fun!

 sweet big sister.
isn't she darling?? hands off! she's already been spoken for by my son... 
see? :) in his own words, he "wuv wuv WUVS her!" this is totally going in their wedding video in 20 years!
poor little guy was so exhausted by the end. sweet, sweet baby. 


pratt family.

summer and i have been friends for a long time. she is probably one of the world's most happy and friendly people ever. EVER!  her in-laws recently returned from a mission in russia, so to break up the celebration a little, we did a quick shoot of their family all together again. i'm in love with all the colors they wore. very reflective of their personalities. so fun!


baby erin's birth.

i'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

 this girl knew exactly who her dad was the second he spoke to her. it was incredible!
 proud grandpas

ask this girl to look away from her babe for even a minute... it doesn't happen.
congrats katers and merrill! such a perfect little family.