reese. two years. utah child photographer.

this little missy just turned two and i can hardly believe it. i feel like a bit of a jerk because her birthday fell on the same day as the birth story i just shot. we were able to do a little shopping together in the morning, but i was hangin' at the hospital the rest of the afternoon. 
my son still hasn't let me forget about it. 
just the other day he said to me, "mom, wasn't the day before last reese's birthday?" 
"so.... why didn't we celebrate it?"
"i was gone all day. we're still going to have cake and ice cream with grandma and grandpa  tomorrow though, so we'll still get to celebrate."
"oh. but... her birthday was a few days ago. did she even get any presents? or a cake??"

ugh. i'm a jerk. luckily she won't remember... unless brody keeps filling her full of ideas-- 
in which case i'm totally screwed. 

ah well. 

here are a few fun facts about this sassy little thing:

her favorite movie is the lorax. or cinderella. she LOVES furry animals and princesses. 

her favorite food is broccoli.

6 months ago, she stole a little stuffed kitty from her cousin and she still carries it around everywhere and has to sleep with it every night. (thanks albs for understanding...)
crazy cat lady for sure. 

she love love loves to sing and dance. she can sing the thneedville song and the mickey mouse clubhouse song with amazing accuracy.

she counts to eleven every time she climbs up the stairs. pretty sure she has no idea what it all means, but she does it.

she comes with me to her big brother's music time at school every week (i play the piano for them) and truly believes she is one of the big kids. she has all of the actions and most of the words down and loves it!

grandpa deano is still her favorite. 

she is busy busy busy. much more than her brother ever was. 

she no longer naps. this one time, my son didn't give up on those until he was 4. not this girl. she does, however, go to bed at 6:30 and sleeps until 8:30 most nights, so i guess i can't really complain. but still...

taking a picture of her? not an easy task. 
her reward for tolerating a camera in her face for a whole 10 minutes? a squirt bottle. so. much. fun. 

love you baby girl!!