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way back in the day before the hubs and i were married and had kiddos of our own, i worked as a medical assistant for an ob/gyn. being the completely innocent and naive individual that i was at the time, i really wasn't stoked on the idea of working for a female doctor and all of the "gross" things that went on behind closed doors. but it was the only job opening available at the time and they hired me on the spot, so i took it thinking i would find something else soon.  

unexpectedly, i fell in love with everything about that field- i loved the girls i worked with, i loved the physician i worked for (and yes, he delivered both of my kids), several of our patients became really good friends of mine whom i still keep in contact with, and i loved being a part of such a huge moment in a woman's life.  6 years later, i still love everything about pregnancy (even more so when it's not me as the pregnant one!), and feel the need to know every little detail about every pregnant woman i meet, regardless of how well i know them. i really have to try hard to reign myself in when the conversation comes to effacement and cervical thickness. seriously. it's a problem. the only bummer about working in the office though, is that we weren't usually a part of the birthing process. 

everything has come full circle now. being able to not only be present for a birth, but to capture those beautiful/miserable/miraculous moments has become one of my most favorite things ever. there really is nothing else like it. 

albree was such a trooper. after being in slow labor for about a month, she finally made it. and even then, he fought to stay in. we were hoping that he was just a content little guy and not so much a stubborn one... lucky for her, he's the dreamiest kid in the world with perfect platinum hair and manly features. and for albs being the tiniest little thing in the world, she somehow had an 8 1/2 pounder. nice!


like father, like son. ;)

newborn pics coming soon...