cannon & brinlee. one year.

finally getting around to posting these two cuties. 
there are SO many things i love about one-year-olds. 
their walk/waddle. their curiosity. their perfect mini-me cuteness. 
but one trait can be absolutely guaranteed every time... they are unpredictable. 
i officially had my first "i hate my cake" baby. brin wouldn't touch it! we tried everything to get her into it and she just was not interested. at. all. 
i guess that's a bit of a tribute to her parents though-- she obviously doesn't love to be dirty and prefers healthy things. two very good things. unless you're expecting more of a "smash". 
ah well. they're completely adorable. and any mom who can survive a whole year of twins, while still working and looking as put together as she is, has my complete awe and respect. such an amazing family with two of the cutest little things ever!

 this is as good as it got. :)

 this guy, on the other hand, loved his cake. and hers!

happy first birthday, cute babies!!