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recently, my baby sister moved far, far away from me. like really far. and she took her baby child with her. the nerve, right? i'm still trying to be ok with this, really i am. sure, furthering her hubby's schooling and career are important and i'm totally supportive of that. but i'm kinda not. so at least i have these pictures to look back and love on. that's kind of the same thing as having them here still, right? 
and so the countdown to christmas begins...

and because she just turned one, you get to enjoy this cutest girl's cake smash as well.
gosh, i love her little face.

ever wonder what the parents look like as they're trying to get their child to get into the cake? i have a feeling they're going to be "those" parents at erin's sporting events... that i'll never be able to go to because they're so far away... 

love you and miss you, you delicious little babe!