cannon & brinlee. twin newborns.

i've never really had the burning desire to have twinner babies. i'm one that needs plenty of sleep, and when twins are mentioned, visions of sleepless nights and constant feeding consume my brain. but snuggling with these two and seeing how awesome and patient their rockstar momma was made me sort of change my mind.... if i had a wife or two, and possibly a maid. 

these two cuties came to me at just a week old and weighing less than 5 and 6 pounds. tiniest little things ever! and so so very snuggly, which was both a blessing and a curse; they were nice and sleepy as long as they were being held... once put down, they were wide awake again. they were so sweet and endured long enough to get some good sleepy shots.  

already the protective older brother...

congrats kristi! they are amazing and you couldn't be a more perfect mom for these two.